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The natal horoscope will tell you about who you are, what your mission is in this life, what doors are open for you and which are closed, your strengths and weaknesses in character and destiny, and much more. Skype consultation. Price $ 150 USD

Rectification of the time of birth - calculation of the exact time of birth by life events- $25USD.

The annual horoscope will help solve  your current issues and problems, help you make the best choice, tell you what areas will develop in the current year and where to wait for problems. Skype consultation. Price $100 USD.

The compatibility horoscope shows the strengths and weaknesses of relationships between loved ones, spouses, friends, and business partners. You will find out whether it is worth developing a relationship with this person, whether you can trust this person,  what he thinks about you and a lot of interesting things. Skype consultation. Price $ 100 USD.


Karmic astrology and astromagic

The karmic horoscope reveals your problems that came from past incarnations (lives) that you must solve in this life. Very often you can get information about who you were and what you did. The karmic horoscope will explain to you why you were born in this particular family and which of the karmic relationships.

Astromagic helps determine the surest and fastest way to work out karma, taking into account the priorities of the client. The work on astromagic is complex and includes 3 meetings: diagnostics and determination of areas of work, a plan of astromagic measures, control and adjustment.

Skype consultation.  Price $ 300 USD

Tarot cards

An additional way to predict the future and study the current problem. It is recommended to use Tarot cards to clarify the issues learnt during the astrology consultation, as it provides an additional information. Skype consultation. The price - 50 US dollars.

Scandinavian and Slavic runes

Scandinavian and Slavic runes are used to diagnose the situation as an additional tool to the horoscope. You can also order the creation of an amulet and a magic runic formula to solve your problem.

The price is 30 US dollars.

Magic coaching

 I offer you  a  solution of your problems by magical methods  exclusively in the tradition of Slavic (white) magic. Each situation is discussed with the client individually and the price depends on the complexity of the issue. This can be cleaning, conducting protective rituals, magic business consulting, assistance in projects, in difficult situations and overcoming the crisis.


Many topics of magical coaching are covered in the Blogs and Videos sections.

Send  your questions to  Email :

or  Skype: Veliyara Astro.

                     Special offer for new customers


If you order any of the horoscopes for the first time, you get a 50% discount on the horoscope and as a gift for free rectification and diagnostics of the situation on the runes.

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