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Catastrophe in love, divorce and deep depression.

What to do when love dies or is killed by someone you love?How to survive the deepest depression from the breakup, when it seems that your whole life is crossed out and there is only emptiness and sad loneliness ahead. How to find yourself and meaning in your life again? How to heal your broken heart and end this pain in your soul from resentments, disappointments, memories and regrets? How to get used to the new status of a single woman, to the new daily routine and lonely weekends?

Unfortunately, no amount of heart-to-heart conversations with friends and even psychologists help to get through a personal disaster quickly. Moreover, even vaunted antidepressants often do not help to get out of deep depression caused by divorce or disappointment in love, which for women is often the meaning of all life, the only possible happiness, her status as a successful woman, a factor of self-esteem, and material security.

What can you do to get yourself out of these self-destructive memories and regrets about the happiness that was gone? How to regain hope for the future and the energy to achieve it? My personal experience and the experience of my clients taught me a lot of things that I am now sharing with you.

First, stop blaming yourself and look for reasons in yourself. Men are very fond of shifting the blame onto a woman, accusing her of invented sins and mistakes. Women help them in this, constantly tormenting themselves with masochistic thoughts about their imperfection, age and other flaws. Look around - often almost ideal women are left alone, or they also experience catastrophes in love, and the most ordinary women, full of flaws and imperfections, live quite harmoniously with one husband all their lives. It's not about being perfect, it's about compatibility.

Love is a great power, and it often flares up between people who, besides the indicator of passion, do not have any other indicators of compatibility in their horoscopes. Love is strong enough to go against the horoscope, and lovers adjust to each other for a while, developing relationships that would seem not destined to happen. But over time, everyone gets tired of compromises, gets tired of wearing masks, or under the influence of force majeure, partners cannot control their incompatibility factors and they break out. Even knowing the horoscope, and knowing the dangerous years for the relationship, it is not always possible to steer the relationship in the right direction, especially when there are no common plans for the future and the joint future promises to be more problematic than even possible loneliness. Therefore, stop looking for reasons in yourself, analyze everything that can be analyzed, grind the same thing with all your friends and psychologists, because this only temporarily reduces your mental pain, reduces internal pressure, but does not pull you out of a deep depression and does not return your energy. You will continue to wake up and go to bed with tears and with constant thoughts about what you have lost at least another six months or even several years until this pain completely exhausts you. Because love is the karmic physics of the attraction, the chemistry of the body, hormones, emotions, it is magic, and it does not obey psychoanalysis and reasoning, it has different laws. We need esoteric practices and an esoteric approach to solve the problem.

I strongly advise you to go to an astrologer or fortune teller, whether you believe it or not. Moreover, if your finances allow you, go to many of them. Do not be afraid of bad predictions - people do not believe in bad predictions, even if they are true. Believe me, you will also find a million reasons not to believe a fortune-teller or astrologer if they tell you not what you want and you quickly forget the negative forecast. But a positive forecast will be remembered for a long time and will energize you. It's one thing to say to yourself that everything will be fine, and another thing when fate tells you through a fortuneteller. And even if you forget in a week what you were told, this experience itself will transfer your consciousness to a higher level of consideration of the problem - to the height of your entire life path, and not to the present moment and today's pain. You will begin to think about your whole life and destiny, about who you are and why you were born at all. And this person, whom you have lost, will become just a temporary companion. His status will immediately decrease against your whole life. Perhaps he was your karma and you have fulfilled or failed this karmic lesson. Whatever it was, it has already been passed, you are moving on. Think about what your destiny wants from you, why this person was in your life, what he did not allow you to fulfill in your life mission, and perhaps the Gods simply removed him as an obstacle, because you are already ripe for something more important, than to be your man's favorite maid. Or it was your order that the Gods fulfilled to pamper you, and now it's your turn to pay them. Your horoscope can give you a lot of food for such reflections, which will definitely pull you out of eternal suffering about your past.

Secondly, remember that the soul and body are one, and if the soul is ill, cherish your body and then through bodily pleasures the peace of mind will come. If finances allow, spend one day in the SPA salon and at the beautician. If it is better to save the money this period, arrange a SPA salon for yourself - do a whole body peeling, rub in the most fragrant oils that you kept for special occasions.

Do sport. I know that there is no energy and no mood, but it is necessary, otherwise you will not get out of depression for several more months. The simplest start to get involved in sports is to sign up for a group training in some kind of dance aerobics, such as zumba. The team and dance music will do their job and after a few sessions you will already be happy to dance, forgetting about your pain. Start setting goals for losing weight and improving your shape, and life will take on a small but meaning.

Third, indulge yourself and be lazy at this time. Consider that you are sick and you need rehabilitation, you need a break to build up strength for a new plan. Buy flowers that you have always wanted to get from your loved one, perfume or cosmetics. Try to look as good as possible. This will raise your self-esteem and give you aesthetic pleasure from yourself. Take care of what you loved when you were young and what you haven't had enough time for lately. This can be reading books, learning a foreign language, doing something new with children or friends. Excursions and all kinds of trips work great for changing the mood, because when you are on the road you leave your problems in the old place. The road takes you away from problems.

Fourth, do women's energy practices. There are a large number of such practices on the Internet that you can choose for your temperament and psycho-type. I recommend that you read the book by Larisa Renard “Circle of Feminine Power”, as well as follow my articles and videos on this topic.

If all this did not give the desired result, then you need to move on to more radical methods - these are antidepressants or magic rituals, choose what you like more. Usually, people who are deeply depressed do not have the energy to independently perform even simple supportive rituals that can be found on this site or on similar sites. You will be helped only by an individual program of rituals and consultations for overcoming the crisis, which I will develop for you, taking into account your horoscope, situation and location. Remember you are not alone and there are people around you who can help you and who need you. You are valuable and are needed by yourself, your relatives, friends and even all of humanity, yes, that is exactly this way, because each of us comes with his mission. People are interconnected by invisible threads of fate, even if it seems to you that you are alone, and one event can be the key to another connection, and you just need to see it, understand this sign that everything is happening for a reason. And if you are reading these words now, then this is a sign for you to think about it!

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